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Postitive, effective & fun training

For you and your dog. 

Yes, that's right I said "you" and your dog. Dog training is about communication between you and your dog. It's learning how to get your dog to understand what it is you are asking of them. It's not really about commanding them; it's more about cueing them. Training should be fun, especially because. it never really ends. Just because we learn something once, doesn't mean we will remember it forever...unless we continue to practice it. It's the same for our furry friends. They need to continue practicing everything we've taught them. Let's face it, we do too! 

Are you having trouble with any of these common issues? 

Potty Training



Leash Pulling




General Obedience

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Bruschi, the original

Good Dog!

(@ approx. 8 weeks old 2006)

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