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We worked with Amanda for training for both our dogs Dozer and Linus. We look forward to working with her for many more years with them and any other dogs we may adopt in the future. Both of them love Amanda and are always excited to see her (and her bag of treats). 

Amanda is friendly, enthusiastic, and fun to work with and she really connects well with both dogs and their owners. She is very knowledgeable about training and making a dog understand commands and correct behaviors.

Working with Amanda is a great experience and we do not hesitate to recommend her to all of our friends.


The Bradt Family

Dozer & Linus


Amanda's genuine love for animals is undeniable! We are so lucky to have her as a part of our journey with training our shepherd mix puppy, Brady. As first time dog owners, it has been reassuring to have someone who is not only patient and understanding, but gives wonderfully positive instruction. She always makes us, and more importantly our puppy, feel 100% comfortable. Amanda has an endless wealth of knowledge when it comes to behavioral questions, along with related tips and tricks, to aid in curbing any surfacing issues. We cannot express enough how happy we are to have found someone so dependable and dedicated. We look forward to a long relationship with Amanda, and we know Brady does too!


Stacy, James & Brady




Amanda is the best trainer ever; sweet, patient and she loves dogs! We met her one year ago (2014) and once we found her we would really like to keep training Buster with her. He had a good experience and we learned a lot.


La Familia Loaiza Arboleda



Amanda was great as a trainer. Teddy is very easily distracted and is high energy. He had quite a few behavioral issues when he was a younger pup. However, whenever we went to training class he was pretty much an angel! He always responded very well to her and was always happy to see her. She was always available for me, as well. Teddy went through a particularly "ruff" period of being super, extra naughty. I called her up at my witt's end and she gave me a couple tips that helped me calm him down. You can tell she genuinely loves animals and they sense that and respond so well. You cannot go wrong with her as a trainer!






Amanda is awesome.  She provided personal training designed especially for our 'crazy' puppy; with follow up suggestions/ ideas on how to maintain and work on what he had learned.  She addressed the problems/ concerns within our home and neighborhood in a relaxed setting for Fenway.  Fenway loved seeing her week to week and has continued following Amanda's suggestions for positive behavior.  We highly recommend her.


The Forbes Family


Thank you for everything you helped us with Peanut. Since classes with you ended, Peanut now sits and stays until released. Loose leash walk is pretty good too as long as there are no distractions. We enjoyed classes with you! :)


The St. Onge Family 



Benny came to me as a one year old rescue with a TON of energy and, although friendly, not so much disciplined.  The only command he responded to was ‘leave it’.  I contacted Amanda and arranged to have her and Benny meet to see what kind of class he could take.  He was too old for ‘puppy school’ but nowhere near ready for a second level class.  Amanda was very flexible and accommodating and found another dog in a similar situation to share a class with Benny.   Benny came to know Amanda as ‘the treat lady’ and she commanded his respect and attention immediately.  Amanda was very patient and consistent and allowed Benny to learn each skill as he was ready.  She was able to redirect my commands and body language in a positive way as well so that Benny knew I was the leader of the pack!  Benny was very responsive and learned a new skill each week.  By following the guidelines Amanda gave me, I am able to continue to train Benny to learn new skills and, more importantly, I was able to have a positive bonding experience!  Thank you, Amanda!!!






We took Brandi to beginner training to get the basics. Brandi was struggling with come when called, which concerned us while hiking.  It was amazing how Brandi listened to Amanda.  We thought the classes would just be about Brandi, but we also learned a lot about how to work with Brandi.  We even started training our other dog at home.  Brandi graduated from class and now she confidently comes when called on the trails.  A year later we decided to advance Brandi’s training, so we took the intermediary class. Even after a year it was like Brandi never even skipped a beat, once again Brandi would do anything Amanda requested of her and Brandi progressed well in her training.  Amanda is an amazing trainer! 


Chuck & Cheryl



We got Annie, a black lab mix from a local rescue group. She is a southern belle all the way from Arkansas. When we adopted her we were told that she was a sweet girl of six months. They were right, she was a sweet girl, full of energy, but also a bit naughty. I had grown up with labs, but I honestly could not tell you that I did the disciplining or training. I thought my dog experiences were all I needed. My husband on the other hand had never had pets before our two cats and cats are pretty easy! After many pairs of chewed up shoes, a torn carpet, and many puppy training pads later, we decided that we needed to put her into obedience training. This was to her benefit and for our sanity. We went into PetSmart in Manchester NH, and met Amanda.


Our first beginners class, we were lucky enough to be the only ones in the class which was great, Amanda was very patient with our very eager, albeit chatty puppy. Annie responded better to her then to us. We did take the beginner course again because we wanted to make sure she was ready for the intermediate course. The second beginner class went even better. We started to see a big change in Annie's behavior. She was in the class with two other dogs, which helped her with her socialization. She passed with flying colors!


We decided to do the Intermediate Class, the biggest reason being that Amanda would be the trainer. I didn't want to do the class if it wasn't with her as Annie really loved her and myself and my husband were comfortable with her handling our girl. The intermediate class was a bit more challenging for myself as my husband was away on business, and there were more dogs in this class which Annie gets super excited. Amanda really took Annie under her wing. Annie was definitly the most challenging of the class, and she graduated!


Annie is now almost 16 months old and is a completely different dog then when we first got her. I have no doubt that it is because of the training and care we received from Amanda! I don't know what we would have done if we didn't go through Obedience Training with Amanda.


The Quinlan Family




Amanda is a brilliant dog trainer, she can train a dog to do all the awesome dog things and she can train even the most naughty of dogs to fetch, sit, drop it, walk nicely etc. However, Amanda does something MUCH more important, she trains the owner to get the upper hand of the situation. Amanda is patient and consistent with both the dog and the owner. LOL Some of us owners need constant reinforcement. Amanda also provided awesome walking services. I know both my girls are well cared for and loved with her. It’s hard to be a working mommy and be away from the pups all day, but I feel better on the days when Amanda is there to see my girls because I know they are getting extra attention and love.


Maria Yakkey





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